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Shandong Hengtai Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile enterprise integrating spinning, dyeing and finishing and weaving. It was founded in 1988. The company covers an area of 300000 square meters. The company has more than 2600 employees. The output value of the company in 2016 is 720 million yuan, the sales revenue is 712 million yuan, and the tax payment is 60 million 540 thousand yuan.
The company now has 60000 spindles, annual production capacity of 10000 tons of various types of yarn; with coated wire machine 50 sets, the annual production capacity of all kinds of fancy yarn, single yarn, single yarn and double hyperbolic, dream bamboo yarn and other products of 1200 tons. Products are mainly cotton, bamboo fiber, silk, cashmere, rabbit hair (hair), a variety of pure and blended yarn, camel hair green natural fiber and animal fiber, cashmere yarn, acrylic yarn, knot free solid acrylic bulked yarn, polyester and wool / Rabbit / sheep / nitrile nitrile,, acrylic / polyester, viscose / acrylic blended yarn, single, double, dream of bamboo fiber and nylon wrapped ammonia (2070, 4070, 4012, 2012), Di Bao ammonia (2075, 3075, 4075) yarn, according to user requirements or any group with the production of a variety of raw yarn. The products are mainly used in horizontal machine, round machine, woven fabric, woven fabric and so on.
The company has imported spray dyeing machine, vertical dyeing machine and loose wool dyeing machine and high temperature and high pressure yarn dyeing machine more than 160 sets, and has a complete set of testing and proofing instruments, Data color open material and dripping system, far-infrared proofing machine, finished product quality detection equipment and other advanced instruments. The annual production capacity is 15000 tons of all kinds of dyed yarn, wool and tube yarn. The casual hair dyeing cylinder of 5 tons / day, hank dyeing (open cylinder) 35 tons / day, spray vat of 5 tons / day, cheese vat of 5 tons / day.
The main products for dyeing imitation cashmere yarn, acrylic yarn, viscose, bulk solid, chenille, pure polyester yarn and wool / acrylic, acrylic / nitrile, nitrile, viscose / cotton / acrylic blended yarn, wool, wool, cashmere pure and blended yarn, silk yarn and cotton yarn etc.. The products are mainly used for knitting, weaving, weaving, weaving and so on.
The company has advanced production equipment from Germany and Belgium production, of which type PZ-180 fleece rapier loom Gunne company production of 102 Taiwan, 16 imported jacquard catwalk, warping machine 9 sets of equipment, a set of comb shear combined circular knitting machine 18 sets of M-tec company, and a number of domestic equipment. The annual production capacity of 5 million meters of cloth. The main products for the rolling brush, cleaning cashmere cashmere, fleece, stretch velvet, velveteen, velvet puff, cotton blanket, auto fabric, fabric, mainly used for rolling brush manufacturing, cleaning supplies, decoration, clothing production, beauty industry.