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Seize the opportunity of "the world Internet Conference" to fully implement textile and clothing

2017-12-21 8:31:41

To seize the "World Internet Conference" the opportunity to the full implementation of the textile and garment strategy of our textile industry as a traditional pillar industry, both for the Republic of China Construction, industrialization process or after the reform and opening up to Chinese modernization development, has played a very important role. Under the correct leadership of China Textile Industry Federation, China's economic construction has been developing at a high speed, which has created the most important demand and the most fundamental driving force for the great development of China's textile and garment industry. According to the study of the relevant state departments, China's textile and clothing industry will continue to develop a good trend of self renewal from now to 2020. Wang Tiankai, President of the China Textile Industry Federation, said: "China's textile industry has entered a new normal growth rate. About the main characteristics of this new normal, I think we can use three sentences to summarize: first, slow down growth, slow down and moderate progress; the two is to increase development pressure and speed up differentiation; the three is the urgent and key innovation of power transformation. Therefore, the overall pressure of the industry is relatively large, it is necessary to find new development space and new development way through structural adjustment and innovation drive.
We should see that in intelligent manufacturing and "Internet plus" era, to the international comparative advantages of Chinese textile and garment industry to enhance the conditions for the existence of. At the same time, China has the status of the largest consumer of textile materials, intermediate industrial products and terminal consumer goods, and the potential of market growth is huge, which is an important basic condition for China's textile industry to continue to improve.
The Internet has already changed the traditional textile industry through the mode of e-commerce, but it was only in the sales sector before. Cao Xuejun, director of textile department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the Internet brings great opportunities to the textile industry, and vigorously promote the integration and development of the textile industry and the Internet technology. This is an important task for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in the future. The future direction is in the textile industry, and vigorously promote the integration of Internet and information technology and the development of the textile industry, improve industry innovation, precision manufacturing, management level, optimize the supply chain, to promote the textile industry to high-end intelligent green, service transformation. At the same time, the Internet will promote the extension of textile manufacturing to service.
In the process of popularization and application of Internet in textile enterprises, suppliers of information system and systematic solutions are derived, forming new growth points of enterprises, and providing better services for enterprises to expand core businesses. Yang Hexiong, Deputy Secretary General of Gansu garment industry association, said that at present, traditional thinking has become a constraint on the stagnation of the industry value. We have entered a time of creating value by intelligence. In the future, "industry plus Internet" is the trend of transformation in textile and garment industry. The traditional industry has a strong industrial advantages, once the plug in the wings Internet plus future. Jihua Group given by the 8 billion yuan to embrace the "Internet plus", to open up the company online and offline system, constructing the "O2O space" platform will have a positive effect.
China's textile and garment industry is facing the challenge of the next "industry + Internet" era. If the future who can put "Internet plus" using the most incisive, it will be the big winner of the textile and garment industry. It has created a space to guide the healthy development of enterprises, help enterprises expand their horizons, not only to find customers, but also to find ways to create, innovate and start businesses, and has found a way to succeed. The transformation and upgrading of Chinese clothing enterprises are facing enormous pressure, but there are also huge opportunities and space. Industry + Internet is expected to promote enterprise technology, speed up scientific and technological innovation, improve product quality, and will also bring new impetus to economic growth.
At the moment of "industry + Internet" coincides with the fact that Internet plus era, textile and garment will show a new business model. The textile and garment industry to play a greater role in the national economy, realize the change from "textile industry", we must change the mode of growth, establish Scientific Outlook on Development, make the textile industry and the development of China's economic growth, environmental protection, resource capacity, social coordinated development, industrial development not only can satisfy the generation of consumer demand, but also contribute to improve the quality of life for future generations. In the future, China should seize the opportunity of the world Internet Conference, increase investment in technological innovation of new textile and clothing industry, and promote transformation and upgrading of textile and garment industry, so as to ensure its sustainable and healthy development.
The transformation and upgrading, cross-border cooperation and mode innovation of textile and garment enterprises have become the trend of development. The transformation and upgrading of textile industry should combine closely with the relevant national strategies and closely link the national strategy, regional development plan and industry area adjustment, so as to achieve coordinated development. A thorough and comprehensive study of the "industry + Internet" mode has important practical significance for technological innovation, structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, brand building, transnational cooperation and mode innovation in textile and garment industry. In the national economic development strategy for textile industry demand for strong growth, we must be in accordance with the laws of the market, accelerate innovation driven around technology, brand, sustainable and talent, and promote the transformation of the business model and the integration of the two, and steadily push forward the transformation and upgrading of industry. For the full completion of the "13th Five-Year" industry development plan, the full implementation of the strategy of textile and clothing power struggle.