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Hengtai to create high quality flannelette

2017-10-7 15:46:01

Because of its special way of use, the roller brushes are very different from other flannelette in terms of their quality requirements. They have strict requirements from the bottom of the suede, from elasticity to the amount of paint and paint, from flatness to the degree of wool floating.
Yishui Hengtai spinning Garden Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Hengtai Textile Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development, design and production of velvet fabrics. After years of development, Yishui Hengtai Textile Co., Ltd. has become the largest manufacturer of knitted fabric in China. The company has accumulated rich experience in the development, design, production and management of Gunshua cashmere products, in team building, the company has always attached great importance to personnel training, is training a large number of design and development of personnel, Everfount provides impetus for our product development update
In 2014 our company is invested a lot of manpower and material resources to improve and enhance Gunshua cashmere product competitiveness, from the selection of raw materials and processing, equipment update, update the warping, weaving and finishing process, from product quality system, product quality standard, improve the process of improving the standard to meet customers on product quality and performance requirements.
Our technology has been designed and developed based on the principle of customer centered service. Our company has the most systematic and perfect development team in China, based on the principle of customer satisfaction.
Excellence is the standard. You can take your product requirements, our company will go all out to create the product you want.